About Us

Health and Safety Northamptonshire

Anthill Business and Legal Consultancy and Training is owned by Anthony holds a Master’s Degree in Health & Safety Law and Environmental Law obtained from Stanford University Law School.

The Anthill Approach

Legal policy has a slightly ‘boring’ reputation. It’s filling in forms, time consuming and doesn’t get many people excited! Whilst we can’t promise to make Legal policy your new favorite subject, we do promise a friendly smile, a warm empathetic approach and a ‘can do’ attitude in trying to find a way to say ‘yes’ and make the health and safety laws work for your business, not against it.

Anthill consultants have a genuine interest in the subject and approach Law and Business risks in a thoroughly professional manner at all times. Our clients describe us as professional, helpful, kind, personable and individual in our approach. We get the job done, we do it well and we smile at the same time!